Interview with a Psychic / Psionic Master           


                       FLASHY.NEWS : So, may we assume I interact with a Psychic?

George: A precise assumption dare I say.

FLASHY.NEWS : I have a f ew ethical reservations despite being
told that "psychic powers" exist and can do this and that.

George: Some people on this planet, have "the gift" to transform their
lives, get their ex back (or get the next one).

FLASHY.NEWS : About getting that ex back, what powers do you use?

George: First, remote influence is not a child's play. We use various
techniques like channeling angels, spirits or remote influence or a
combination of all...

FLASHY.NEWS : No black magic?

George : Never.

FLASHY.NEWS : So may I assume that you use "the light" or "the force"?

George : Something like that. It's all about getting in deep trance;
oracles and wizards used to get in a profound level of trance to remotely
influence, or seduce the opposite sex. I am no different.

FLASHY.NEWS : Does Remote Charmer work for an individual like me with no
prior experience in the realms of hypnosis or meditation.

George : I have data at my disposal that verify the fact that remote
influence is the #1 way to enchant just about anybody. I am that confident
that it works straight out of the gate.

FLASHY.NEWS : How do we know one for sure, one is really a psychic?

George : They never run out of incense.

FLASHY.NEWS : That hit home with me.

George : Well for sure, we count on word of mouth and remote influence -
yes I walk the talk. Great power means great responsibility so we select
the right techniques according to a situation or circumstance.

FLASHY.NEWS : Great, thank you for your time. How can someone reach you?

George : Just check our website @ and see if our services are needed. Have a good one.

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